Apply at African Leadership Academy (ALA) Global Scholars Program (GSP) Now for a Meaningful African Summer Camp Experience


  • We’re expanding GSP!

    After five years of providing transformational design-thinking experiences to over 600 young leaders from over 30 countries, we are excited to launch a new program for younger students ages 14-16. It’s called Explore Africa. Check out our programs and let us help you find the right one for you!

    Explore Africa

    A ten-day service and adventure program for teens, ages 14-16

    ALA’s newest global program, Explore Africa, is an overnight camp for emerging leaders ready to expand their knowledge of the continent and make friends from around the world. This GSP experience introduces students to design-thinking, leadership skills, and social entrepreneurship while immersing them in the dramatic history, dynamic culture, and spectacular wildlife of South Africa. Participants will leave ready to take on leadership roles in their schools or communities.

  • Engage Africa is the perfect next step for young leaders to realize their dreams of becoming global change makers!

    Engage Africa

    A three-week leadership and social entrepreneurship program for teens, ages 15 – 19.

    ALA’s classic summer program engages young leaders in design-thinking, leadership training, service-learning, adventure, and cross-cultural exchange, preparing them to create change in Africa and around the world. Participants practice leadership by working with social ventures, South African entrepreneurs and community members. They develop skills through team-based challenges while building a global network of peers and discovering the history, beauty, and diversity of Africa. Participants leave with the tools to start their own social and civic ventures!

  • GSP 2017 Session Dates

    Session 1: 10-day Explore Africa : Jun 30 – Jul 9 2017

    Ages 14 – 16

    Session 2:  18-day Engage Africa : Jul 6 – Jul 23 2017

    Ages 15 – 19

    Session 3: 18-day Engage Africa : Jul 23 – Aug 9 2017

    Ages 15 – 19

    Session 4: 10-day Explore Africa : Aug 9 – 18 2017

    Ages 14 – 16


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