JAMB 2017 Possible Registration / Exam Date Predictions

I know many prospective UTME candidates will take a sprint to this post hoping to know the actual date or at least have a clue to when the 2017 JAMB Registration will commence. Sorry to disappoint you, there is no official date yet. I understand how anxious you must be feeling right now.

The truth is, I equally feel same way too. I would have loved to tell you again, “It will commence soon” but I am tired of using that line over and over again. Unless of course the meaning of the word “soon” has changed, but the last time I checked it is still the same. I think I may not be able to use that word for a long time because I have abused it (JAMB, see what you’ve caused).

The whole thing right now is kinda looking like a hide and seek game. Many bloggers in the last few weeks have gone “prophetic” all in a bid to predict when the 2017 JAMB registration will finally commence; some even went as far as giving details on how the registration will go. Only God knows where that vision came from. In all, JAMB has continued to beat everyone to it. I would have said that the current JAMB Boss is a pro in playing hide and seek but that’s none of my business (Disclaimer: I never said that).

P.S. Please do not take the predictions on this thread serious. Unless the owner of the prediction confirms he/she got a whisper from JAMB Boss.


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